Why Jenn Lee bags?

Giving the business back to the original Balinese makers.

We work directly and only with the local artisan who craft the bags. This is important to us.

As the ata bags have grown in popularity worldwide, big brands want to carry the styles and are looking for cheap suppliers who've replicated and mass produce the bags... lookin' at you China and Vietnam! 


Quality, quality, quality. 

Focus on quality over quantity. Every detail is minded from the weaving, the stitching, the materials, the batik prints... we plan, create and review together to make sure each bag is ready for you! 


How are the bags made?

These beautiful Ata Bags and Purses are specially made for Jenn Lee. They are crafted from ata grass, which comes from the forest in eastern Bali. This grass is moisture resistant and very durable, so your bag should last a lifetime!

The ata grass is split into four pieces and woven into many designs to create the bags. The unique skills and techniques for this art have been passed down and perfected over many generations of Balinese women. 

After the bags are woven, they are dried under the sun for several days and then smoked over a coconut husk fire to obtain their golden brown color. Depending on the size, it can take up to a month to finish each bag. 


Where in Bali are the bags made?

They're made in East Bali in a small village nestled in the tropical jungle called Tenganan. This community is known for their ata grass designs and intricate double ikat weaving. 


How do I care for my bag?

To clean, wipe your Ata bag with a damp cloth and air dry. You can also use a blow dryer if your bag accumulates dust (ya know.. from Coachella, not your closet ;) ). When storing, keep in the dust bag.

Sometimes the drying and coloring process leaves behind a smoky scent which most people find pleasant. If you prefer to remove the scent, this is easily done by spraying with Febreze and leaving the bag in the fresh air for a day or two.


I'm planning a Bali/Indonesia vacation. Do you have recommendations?

Oh my, YES. You're going to have a wonderful time.

Send us an email at jenn@shopjennlee.com. We'll send you a list of our favorite spots along with some helpful trip tips.