Female Founder Spotlight: Lindsey of Lindsey Leigh Jewelry

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Get to know the amazing and influential female founder, Lindsey of Lindsey Leigh Jewelry. She saw a need and not only met it, but exceeded even her own wildest expectations. Lindsey is a woman who can truly do it all.

In short, who is Lindsey?

"I am a wife, a mother and a small business jewelry store owner! I juggle A LOT, attempt to do it all, over commit, and am often exhausted. I love to work, but I also love my family, which makes everyday a learning experience! My husband, John, and I love to travel, especially with our kids. We take them everywhere with us! I love food (mostly Asian), which means we eat out most meals at our go-to spots in Houston. I would consider myself pretty relaxed and go with the flow!"
Lindsey Leigh Jewelry Company

What Lindsey Leigh Jewelry and how it began?

"Lindsey Leigh Jewelry started on the idea of changing the male dominated jewelry industry by adding a woman's touch. The first place LLJ called home was a 1930s duplex that my husband and I rented. A few viral posts later and a lot of love from our loyal clients, we moved into a 2,300 square foot flagship store! We specialize in custom engagement rings and bridal jewelry, along with remakes and everyday fine jewelry. Our mission is to create fine jewelry that reflects our philosophy of attainable luxury— everyone deserves jewelry that's hand-crafted, high-quality, and expert-led through a design process with complete transparency. We want to make you feel at home while being a part of every step of the process!"
Lindsey with her two children


I can't live without: Ranch, husbands cappuccino, my kids (duh!)
I relax by: Relax, lol? Traveling with my family is my kind of relaxation, I don't really know how to turn off and relax (2024 goals!)
Words to live by: Chase your dreams relentlessly, believe in yourself, take a leap of faith, and be kind along the way. You got this!
Ideal date night: Getting dressed up, going to a different area of town and indulging in a meal that my husband ordered because I trust him and don't want to open the menu. Surprise me!
My ideal night with friends: Pajamas at a bestie's house with a lot of wine. 
Most treasured possession: My Baby Blanket “Teddy”, I still sleep with it. My great-grandmother made. It has always been the one thing I would go back into a burning house to save (now it's my kids and Teddy). 
Favorite piece of clothing: Max Mara coat, husband surprised me with it from his first work trip to London to inform me this will be his new work lifestyle. I hated the coat and the work trips that came with it. Now, I see how excited he was for this new career opportunity, and this coat was preparing me for the trips we would take together there. I love it. 
Favorite dance song: “The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, it was our wedding song.
What does living well mean to me: To me, it means to be completely and utterly happy in the now. To feel content in that all is where it is meant to be. 
Image of Lindsey and her husband in the jungle


Next destination you want to travel to: the Philippines, dying to go here! 
Favorite hotel: Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico
Favorite place to visit over & over: Thailand, happiest place on earth
Favorite restaurant abroad: Saffron in the Banyan Tree Hotel in Thailand
Favorite pool: Four Seasons Punta Mita pool. It is an infinity pool on the side of a cliff looking down at the beach! 
Favorite cultural experience: A cooking class we took in Hoi An, Vietnam! We walked the street markets, picked out produce and meat, which we then cooked in the home of a Vietnamese Woman. It was so much fun! 
Weekend getaway: Our lake house. It is my favorite place to be while still being at our home but away from the city and noise.
City getaway: I travel annually to NYC for work which is always fun and Miami which is always a good time.
Lindsey Leigh Hohlt and Her Family


Favorite restaurant: Impossible to narrow down! Le Colonial, Kuu Sushi, Ramen Tatsuya, Bludorn, and Adair Kitchen to name a few.
Favorite cocktail: Titos, Grapefruit, Lime, Soda, touch of sugar! Some call it a Greyhound.
Favorite dessert: Ice cream! I would finish every meal with Marble Slab if I could. Milk Chocolate mixed with Amaretto and Oreos. AH I want this now! 
Hostessing tip: As long as we have enough alcohol, it should all be good! 
Ideal dinner guests: Sarah Blakely and Jesse Itzler. Wow, the insight they would give on life and being a founder of a company. 
Coffee order: Vanilla cappuccino, extra shot of espresso, 2 tbsp sugar, whipped cream, dash of cinnamon in my Ember mug, made by my husband, delivered to me by my son. Its our morning thing, “MOMMYZZ COFFFEEEES”- Henry
Favorite cookbook:  Cooking reels I find on Insta, which I then send to my husband to execute. I do not belong in the kitchen…
Favorite recipe: Rice Crispy Chicken- Chicken with Rice Crispy Cereal crunched on top and baked. My mom's speciality.
Lindsey Leigh Hohlt in her favorite coat next to a red telephone booth


Favorite outfit: Leggings and a work out top!
Favorite day bag: Christian Dior Large Book Tote, husband surprised me with it. I thought it was too big, too nice, and too stiff. I have now used it everyday for over a year, it's the best work tote and it's indestructible!
Favorite event bag: My pink tweed Chanel purse my husband surprised me with when we had our daughter, Lilly. It was my push present to be given to her one day!
Favorite piece of jewelry: OH goodness this isn't easy! Most of my jewelry has sentimental value to it in some way. A top contender is a cuff I made by taking my late fathers bracelet and reworking it. Or my push present for my son that John surprised me with, and I was shocked and so in love. It's a radiant band with half diamond and half sapphires to represent the surprise of having a boy! A gold “Love” necklace in my late grandmother's handwriting is extremely special to me. Lastly, my 4.0cttw diamond tennis necklace that I gifted myself when I was “40 Under 40” in 2021! 
Most frequently worn brand:  Alice and Olivia, she makes clothes for tall people!
Favorite newly discovered brand: My favorite brands are Colombian and not sold in the states! I also love Loewe and Celine. I never really looked at these two and their clothing is intriguing. 
One thing every woman should own: A nice coat. When you put on a sleek coat you feel like a boss b. And Cowboy boots ;) 
Everyday uniform: Jeans, a cute top, usually a blazer, and flats or dress sneakers (without fail).
Best accessory: Belts and blazers! I love sourcing them on travels and returning home knowing no one else will be wearing it!
Item to splurge on: Shoes, I don’t go cheap on shoes, and my shoes are maintained well. Being 6 feet tall, I don't get to wear many of the cute dresses (always too short) or heels, so I make sure my shoes are my thing. But they also have to be flat and comfortable, hence why I love a designer sneaker!
Lindsey is a remarkably talented entrepreneur, mom, and wife. She revels wholeheartedly in her life, cherishing every moment. Influential women like her inspire us, highlighting our own potential to reach our goals and make the most of life's adventures.

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