The 2024 Round Top Spring Show Travel Guide

Round Top, TX

Located exactly halfway between Houston, TX and Austin, TX, this town with a population of 87 becomes a town with a population of 100,000 twice a year during the antique shows. From the shopping to the happy hours to the nightlife to amazing restaurants, Round Top is a town that should be at the top of your bucket list.

The Spring Show is March 16-31.

 We’ve rounded up some local’s favorite ways to experience the Round Top Spring show below.

Women in Round Top wearing Round Top Fashion

What to Wear

In Round Top, style merges seamlessly with comfort, giving rise to the distinctive "Round Top Fashion."

The essential elements of a Round Top ensemble include a long bright flowy dress, a quilted jacket, a wide-brim hat, fun jewelry, and boots or sneakers.

Brands to Shop

Flowy Dress- Sue Sartor, The Avenue, Rosie Cotswolds

Quilted Jacket- Throw Midland, Sapana, Shapeau

Wide-brim Hat- Teressa Foglia, Magnolia Mercantile, Kemo Sabe

Jewelry- Gather Goods, Richard Schmidt Jewelry, Taylor and Tessier

Boots- Fraulein Boots, City Boots, Miron Crosby

Customer modeling the Baros Beach Tote

Prep Your Purse

Essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, and wallet.

While credit cards are widely accepted, cash is king in Round Top!

You also might want to bring an umbrella and a light jacket as the Texas weather can be unpredictable.

If you plan on shopping for home decor, measure your space before leaving home and bring a tape measure, pencil, and notepad.

The Baros Beach Tote is the perfect bag to carry the essentials + your finds while shopping the fields.

Birdseye view of Blue Hills

Our Favorite Fields

Blue Hills


Warrenton Fields

The Horseshoe

The Venue Market Hill

The Halles

The Arbors

Drift and Holler

The Compound

Cisco Home

La Bahia

Marburger (3/26-30) tickets required

The Big Red Barn (3/25-30) tickets required

Local Shops

Richard Schmidt Jewelry

Courtney Barton

Tutu and Lilli

Tre for the Gathering

Cottonseed Trading Co.

The Humble Donkey

Townsend Provision

Curate By Stash


The Monarch

Modern Marla

Southern Beasts

Sapana Round Top

Antique & Design Center

The 550 Market

BBQ plate from Merritt BBQ in Round Top

Where to Eat Lunch

Food Trucks at Blue Hills

Boon & Co.

Round Top Brewery

Warrenton Lone Star BBQ

Food trucks at The Compound

Drift and Holler BBQ

The Garden Co

Popi Burger

Mandito’s Mexican Food and Margaritas

Merritt Meat Co.

Tablescape at Lulu's in Round Top

Where to Eat Dinner

Some of these restaurants may require reservations

Bader Ranch- Y Comida

The Stone Cellar

Lulu’s Italian


Prost on Block 29

Royer’s Cafe

Country Sunshine at the Halles

Cocktail from Ellis Motel

Where to Drink

Ellis Motel

IL CUcuLO at Lulu’s

Lady Elaine at Bader Ranch (sunset drinks)

Prost on Block 29

The John Perez Lounge at The Stone Cellar

The Stone Cellar Dance Hall

The Mark Speakeasy (NEW!)

Illustrated map of Blue Hills

Where to Shop Jenn Lee

You can shop Jenn Lee in Round Top at Blue Hills in the Love Pretty Things Tent in Tent 8

March 22-27.

Other brands to shop in the Love Pretty things Tent

Hibiscus Linens


Anea Hill

KB Design HTX

Cuclie Baby

Beau & Ro

Taylor and Tessier

& so many more!



See y'all there!



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